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About J2 Transportation
Based in Orlando Florida, J2 Transportation, a subsidiary of Belacon Enterprises, provides transportation, warehousing and management services throughout the United States and Canada. Utilizing a variety of transportation modes and the most advanced technologies available J2 has the ability to meet all of your transportation needs and expand capabilities as you expand your business. Even though J2 offers highly competitive rates our main goal is to offer the very best service in the industry to guarantee that your freight is moved and stored efficiently and effectively while minimizing overall costs.
J2, being conscious of our environment, is also partnered with the National Forest Foundation who in 2010 planted over 2000 trees in our forests. Recently, we also played a major role in establishing a plastic recycling program called BelaGreen to help minimize the amount of plastics being unnecessarily dumped into landfills. J2 is also a SmartwaySM Transport Partner committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our industry.
The SmartWaySM Transport Partnership is a voluntary public-private initiative designed to improve the environmental performance of the freight delivery system in the United States through money saving, market-based approaches.
Through this voluntary partnership, EPA and its partners expect to eliminate 33 to 66 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and up to 200,000 tons of NOx emissions per year by 2012. This represents savings of as much as 150 million barrels of oil per year — equivalent to taking about 12 million cars off the road. Working together, SmartWaySM Transport Partners can incorporate various strategies and technologies to achieve these goals.

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